How to Find Profitable Products for Amazon

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Stuck on Ideas to Sell on Amazon? Selecting profitable products is very important to become a successful seller on Amazon.

amazon profitable products. 

Perhaps you are looking for some additional products that will have high demand and low competition and boost your profit margin.

How to Find Profitable Products for Amazon – This is actually a challenging task. Because with the increasing business of Amazon in India, it is becoming more difficult for the seller as well.

Especially in online business, where for example, there are around 6 thousand sellers running their business on Amazon in India alone.

 So starting a new business online means searching for a product that will stand out from the rest and dominate the market.

Whatever your reason, I have compiled some advice and actionable tips that you can take advantage of to identify the products that are in high demand on Amazon.

Table of Contents

Selling on Amazon

Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

Some Points That Will Increase Your Sales

Best Selling Product On Amazon

High demand product categories on Amazon

Medium demand product categories on Amazon

Low demand product categories on Amazon

How to Find Amazon Profitable Products

How to Select a Profitable Product

Where To Find High Demand, 

Profitable Products

Listing Optimization

Selling on Amazon

Here’s what it takes to sell on Amazon Pay before proceeding. If you are an individual or a sole proprietor, you need the following documents:

GST Registration number

PAN number

Bank account number

Email ID

Contact number

For a Private Limited Company, you will need:

GST Registration number

Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

Copy of Memorandum of Association

Bank Account Number

Email ID

account number

children, win, success-593313.jpg

After this you must have an Amazon Seller Account. The seller account is different from the account from which purchases are made from Amazon.

To create a seller account, you will have to register Amazon Seller as a seller. Only after all this is done you can sell.

Keep these things in mind before starting

How to Find Profitable Products for Amazon

Amazon Best Sellers

We go by this assumption, you do not have any knowledge about Best Selling Products, but there is nothing to worry about. One of the best places to start is the Amazon Best Seller Page.

The Amazon Best Sellers list exclusively provides you with the top 100 best-selling products in any category or sub-category. This will give you an idea.

best seller-profitable products

Now chances are, as an existing Amazon seller, you probably already know about this. But the question is, are you taking advantage of it or not?

How many sellers are happy to know this is just one fact. But actually through this, Amazon is telling you, which product is already in demand and behind which you can put your time.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

Amazon best sellers lists are great, but it’s important to keep in mind, they only give you lists of the top 100 products.

Specifically, every Amazon product has a BSR, which can be found on the product details page of any item listed on Amazon.

This rank will tell you where the product actually sits in the relevant category and sub-category in terms of product sales.

BSR- profitable products

Amazon Seller Tip: You can expect sales numbers based on BSR. According to the web retailer (and many other Amazon sellers), products that sit within the 8,000-10,000 BSR range generate about 4-6 sales a day. This rises to 6-10 if the product ranks in the 2,000-5,000 range, between 6 and 10 per day sales at the 5,000 and 8,000 ranks, and is much higher if it is in the top 2,000. It definitely depends on the time of year and the product category.

Some Points That Will Increase Your Sales

Select a product with 200-300 reviews.

Copy the product title and paste it in the main page (, see in which page your product appears (page number).

In sub-category it would be right to select the product appearing within 3-6 pages. And 10-100 pages remain true in the main category. (Category or subcategory will have to be selected by going to the best seller page)

Keep in mind the best seller rank, around 6-10/day unit sells from #5000 – #10000.

Best Selling Product On Amazon

Ultimately, due to the different levels of demand, it can help to know which categories are more popular with Amazon customers, and which are not. According to Amazon best selling products, the product is divided into about 3 categories –

High demand product categories on Amazon

Home & Kitchen

Health & Personal Care

Sports & Outdoors


Medium demand product categories on Amazon

Toys & Games

Pet Supplies

Home Improvement

Office Products

Low demand product categories on Amazon

Industrial & Scientific


Arts & Crafts

Musical Instruments

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on less popular products. Cables You can get an idea of ​​which product is right for you to work with.

How to Find Amazon Profitable Products

To find good Amazon Profitable Products, you need to pay attention to some topics.

Step 1: Find out what buyers want to buy online

Sell ​​products that are in demand throughout the year – Small sellers should look for products that are likely to be sold throughout the year.

Let’s take an example of Samsung mobile – the demand for this product will keep on decreasing with time. It may be a good option in the initial time, but in the coming time with the new product, its demand will also decrease.

It would be great if you can stay away from selling seasonal products.

 Unique, Niche product – Choose a product so that you can stand out from your competitors in the market. Being a small seller, selling exclusive/unique products like “butterfly pendant necklace” or “Ganesh pendant necklace” would be easier and probably more profitable than just selling simple necklaces.

 Small and Light Product – If the product is large and heavy, it will probably cost more to ship both inside and out. For small sellers, it will be better if they sell smaller and easier-to-pick up and pack products so that they can save sellers not only on shipping but also in terms of returns or storage.

 Step 2: Try Finding What’s Already Selling on Amazon

 One of the fastest ways to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon is to sift through the best online products list in India to find out what’s already selling on Amazon. Once you figure it out, it will be easy for you to wash your product.

Step 3: Analyze the Competition

Once you have verified that certain products are profitable to sell online, the next step is to analyze the competition. To analyze the competition, you can look at product reviews.

For example, if competitors selling your product have received thousands of reviews, it may be very challenging for you to sell such a product. To be precise, you need to be confident that you can compete with competitors in online sales.

How to Select a Profitable Product

Consider your interests when choosing a product

Business works best in the long run if the businessman does it diligently. Doing what you love is important as a business run with complete dedication will grow to new heights of success. So when you are deciding on the product category you are going to sell, you also need to see where your interest lies.

profitable products for amazon

The most valuable benefit of selling the products you love is that it excites you during any stage of the business. It also helps a lot in building your product line and your brand.

a product that can solve a problem

The thing to keep in mind is that whatever you choose, it should solve a problem. Be it clothing, electronics, kitchenware or anything else, your product should be useful to people.

amazon profitable products

Selling products that don’t help solve a problem can be risky, as only a small group of buyers may find it attractive and that can affect your sales and profits in the long run.

Find a product with good profit margin

Does your product have a high-profit margin? The answer to this question should be yes.

Because, the ultimate objective of any business is to earn money and earn profits. Selling products that may be interesting or eye-catching, but don’t have enough margin, is not good for business growth in the long run. You can start with a small product like mobile cover if it has good profit margin.

Successful Amazon sellers usually try to find products with a 100% mark-up, with a 50% profit margin.

So make sure that the margin in your products is sufficient to keep your business running and growing.

A small tip: Setting a good margin is also helpful during the sale periods so that even after offering a discount rate, you can get substantial profit with more sales.

Analyze the market and audience for a good start

A good seller knows the market and buyers very well. Every product has its own customer base.

As high heel sandals attract the attention of teens and young ladies or new parents would be ideal buyers for baby products.

So you need to identify who your target audience is. Research the Internet, talk to people in that field, and learn from people who are more experienced than you.

The more effort you put into finding the product, the sooner you will become a good seller.

Where To Find High Demand, Profitable Products

So, you’ve got a profitable product in mind, but aren’t sure where to get it. A product to sell on Amazon can be called Profitable Products only, whose Demand is also good as well as Profit Margin.

Definitely one of the best sites for sourcing trusted suppliers for private label products on Amazon is, however it is important that you are buying only from trusted alibaba suppliers.

If you do not want to take the product from alibaba, then you can contact the suppliers in your country also. 

10 Best Electric Kettle, Available at Amazon

10 Best Travel Gadgets for Adventure Lovers

Listing Optimization

In fact, if you’re not spending your time improving your listing on Amazon – I guess you might be asking yourself if it’s worth selling at all.

Because only with Listing Optimization you can reach your product to your customer. You will also know this thing, “Whatever is seen, only it sells” – this means to say that if your product is not visible in the search result then it may be difficult to sell it.

Of course, the more product lists you have, the more complex and time-consuming it is to maintain, update, and optimize – especially if you are selling in multiple stores and marketplaces.

That’s why Listing Optimization is very important to bring your product forward in Amazon’s search results.

Spend Time Crafting Your Product Title

You may have already noticed that product titles on Amazon tend to be longer than in other markets. This is because Amazon provides you with 500 characters and encourages you to use all of them.

The main reason for this is because lists with longer, keyword-rich titles actually perform better and outperform those with shorter titles.

amazon title

It is still integral that these headlines include relevant information, using the keywords that your target customers are actually searching for.

Amazon Seller Tip: Start with the Search box. If you start typing your main keyword, Amazon will actually display a list of search results related to what you type and display them in order of search volume. This can be a great way to use these words in your listings to increase visibility of what people are seeing on Amazon and, if relevant.

search word

There are actually a huge number of tools available to help you find these keywords, but the two main tools are and jungle scout.

Write a Compelling Product Description

When creating your listing, it is important to be detailed and specific, but try to format it using bullet points as it has been proven to increase product sales.

Keep in mind that this section is not a place for promotion, pricing, shipping or company information, so keep it product-focused.

The last piece of advice on this topic is that you have to think about what your potential customers might ask you about the product, and you have to write about it.

In fact it can be extremely beneficial to cover the most frequent questions within the product description. Over time you can actually start monitoring these questions, but in the meantime monitor the competition and ask your family and friends.

Take advantage of Backend Search Terms

Keep in mind that your profitable product will only appear in search results if it includes all the search terms that customers include in their search queries.

In other words, to make sure that your listing appears in as relevant search results as possible, you need to know what the targeted keywords are, and actually include them somewhere in your listing.

Now if you are thinking this, where to write so many keywords, then backend search fields come in handy here. Your customers will not see the keywords written in it, but will help your product appear in the search result.

Amazon Seller Tip: When using a backend search field, try to use hyphenated words where possible as they will cover all possible combinations. As an example, in French-style, french style will cover french-style, french style and frenchstyle. This is incredibly important because different people can discover your product using different variations.

Optimize Your Product Image

The images you use on your listing can play an important role in increasing the conversion rate.

Amazon specifically states that your images must be clear, easy to understand, informative and attractively presented.

So this was the information about How to find profitable products for Amazon? This is very important to know to become a successful seller on Amazon. Because only a right product can give you success in this business.

Share this information as much as possible. And if you want to know about some new topic, then definitely write to us.

If you want to talk about this article too, then you can write in the comment section. The more time you spend in finding Amazon Profitable Products, the better profitable products you will get, which will help you to be successful on Amazon.

How to add keywords in Amazon listing

How to Do Keyword Research for Amazon

Amazon sells over 12 million products, so making sure your product can be found can be quite a daunting task.

When you consider that there are 1.6 million active sellers and an average of 355,000 new sellers join Amazon each year, the idea of ​​any of these being found seems impossible.

However, with the right keyword research, understanding which product areas are most important and a plan to continually improve your keywords can put you ahead of the rest.

Amazon’s Search Algorithm

Before we get into the technicalities of keyword research, let’s understand how Amazon’s search algorithm works.

The nickname for their algorithm is A9. 

Jeff Bezos regularly mentions how he wants Amazon to be the most customer-focused company on the planet, and the Amazon search bar helps achieve that.

Here are four main factors that determine which products are displayed when a potential customer enters a keyword into the box:

Shopping Cart – Priority is given to products added to the cart more frequently

Reviews – Items with a positive rating are more likely to be shown

Conversion Rate – Amazon looks at how well a product has converted compared to how many page views

Relevance – A crawler will look at the title, image, keywords and product description on your page and then rank your product accordingly

The first three on this list can be tricky if you’ve just started selling. However, the relevance point is where we could see some big wins.

Amazon SEO

This is where SEO is very important, if you optimize your keywords, then the remaining three elements will follow.

Look at Amazon SEO like this:

keyword search

customized product listing

ranking improvement

better visibility

more revenue

The principle of RSI Amazon SEO is very similar to ranking in Google. If you are on page 2 or 3 you may forget to make any sales.

When you consider that 2 out of 3 people search for Amazon product through the search bar it shows how important SEO is.

Which Amazon Product Fields Are Most Important?

Before we move on to keyword research, let’s find out which areas we’ll be doing keyword research for and some tips to make sure you pay attention.

product title

Important in format including advantages and any unique selling points

80 characters is ideal. Amazon Rewards Titles That Are Abbreviated

If longer, make sure the first 70 characters are the most important as this is the cut off for mobile

Don’t be subjective. Avoid vague statements like “popular” or “best seller”

Read more on Amazon. 

bullet points

Highlight the top 5 features including any specifications and warranties

Only 3 bullet points will be visible on mobile, so make the most of them

200 characters for each bullet is ideal

Read more on Bullet Point for Amazon.

production details

It should complement the bullet points above and will appear in the same place. It is important to remember:

Don’t Duplicate Bullet Points

Tell a story about your product

Read more on Product Description for Amazon.

How to Do Keyword Research for Amazon

Now speaking of business, what are the best ways to do keyword research for your products? Below we have listed 5 simple ways to showcase your products.


Yes, Amazon has plenty of keyword tools, one of which we’ll mention later, but you can’t beat the Amazon search bar to get you started.

Simply type your seed keyword into the search bar. From here you will get the most popular keywords related to it. Open a spreadsheet and note these down.


Are your competitors on Amazon? If you are unsure just type their name into the search bar and then you can check their seller account.

See the following on their page:

What keyword are they using?

Which products have the best reviews?

Do they have an ASIN?

If there is an ASIN number for the product and you sell it. Enter the number in the search bar and see what keywords other people are using for it.


Another great free way to do keyword research is to check the following headings on a product page:

Frequently Bought Together

Products related to this item

Compare with Similar Items

Often bought together is a great place to start. Check what products Amazon suggests and use the keywords for those products in the bullets for your main products.


View your reviews and the reviews of your competitors. Do they use any keywords to refer to the product you’re selling?

Take this example for a Smart TV. One of the highest rated reviews mentions several apps and devices working with the TV. Include these in your product description as they are clearly important.


As mentioned earlier, there are a number of keyword research tools that you can pay Amazon to help you with. One that we highly recommend is CellZone.

CellZone is powered by SEMrush, which has over 12 years of experience in keyword research, so you already know you’re in good hands.

In short, CellZone allows you to:

Identify the most popular keywords for your product on Amazon

Find easy wins and gaps in keywords to quickly gain search visibility

Strategize and match all your keywords

All of this is possible through the CellZone Amazon Keyword Wizard. First you enter your seed keyword and CellZone will return phrases based on their volume and the amount of competition for it.

From here you can choose whether you want to see a broad, phrase or exact match.

Broad – This is the widest range possible and can take your keywords and place them in any order

Idioms – Shows exactly the words you entered in any order

OK – the keywords must be in the exact order you entered them

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest benefits of CellZone is that you can identify the “low hanging fruit”. This means high volume keywords with less competition.

Using filters you can adjust the levels and then export the keyword list to use in Amazon.

You can further exclude keywords, assuming your coffee maker wasn’t small, you could remove all mention of “mini” or “miniature”.

After you do that, there’s also some additional functionality to show the search teams that appear most frequently.

When listing a product in Amazon you have the option to add “search terms” that are hidden from your product page. So what you’ll want to do is remove all the filters from your list and select the “Search Terms” button.

You will then be presented with the most commonly used terms. CellZone will automatically limit this to 249 characters as per Amazon’s guidelines. It will also remove any instances of numbers as it does not pass the Amazon guidelines, as well as singular/plural forms of words that are already used in another form, stop words, subjective and temporal words, Special symbols etc. In short, whatever Amazon has will count as unnecessary.

This is really useful from CellZone, because not only are you getting the most searched for terms related to your product, but you’re taking up so much admin time.

You need to be on a paid plan that starts at $50 per month to use the filters and export keywords.

There is a free plan available that offers the following:

Split testing – Unlimited use of A/B test titles, product descriptions, images and price points

Keyword Wizard – 100 keywords in total and up to 3 seed keywords per day

Traffic Insights – Unlimited overview reports on competitor strategy. Also find out which external traffic channels can be most profitable

Check Listing Quality – Fix content errors and incomplete listings. Check that all your products follow Amazon’s guidelines to avoid suspension

If you want to test out the paid plan there is a 7-day free trial, keep in mind that all results are only for the US Amazon Marketplace at this point.

How to Continually Improve Your Amazon Keywords

Once you’ve done all of the above, you might think that now you can just sit back and watch the sales flood in.

Keyword research is not a stand-alone task and you need to continuously monitor their performance.

Cellzone’s listing protection can help with this. An SMS or email will be sent to you if there is a problem with your listing to reduce any loss in sales.

Your products will be monitored 24/7, including any adjustments to the effectiveness of your keywords and your search visibility.

Amazon PPC

If you have any extra budget for advertising, it is worth considering Amazon PPC as it can help with your keyword research and in turn boost your SEO.

As well as SEO and profit PPC, if you follow all the instructions above then you are optimizing your product pages correctly. Which means your PPC campaigns will rank well, as they are ranked by relevance.

6 key points for your keywords

When doing your research it’s worth noting what Amazon doesn’t allow, or doesn’t like.

Repetition – this is not the starting 00 and the old black hat seo strategy of repeating most of your keywords won’t help

Capitals – Capitalization or not will not affect the success of your keywords

Singular or Plural – You don’t need to add both “tv” and “tv”. Amazon will show your product for both

Misspellings – One tactic used in Google Ads is to bid on minor misspellings of words, meaning they have a cheap CPC and a high intent. Amazon matches misspellings to correct spellings so this strategy is fruitless

Accent/Umloute – ü will be matched to ue, so there is no need to add both

Compound words – If the words contain spaces then you have to include them with and without them. For example you have to add football and football


If you’re just getting started with Amazon, relevance to your product catalog is of the utmost importance. You can’t count on add to cart, reviews or conversion rates just yet, so it’s important to optimize your pages.

As we’ve established, there are several free ways to achieve this through the search bar and by checking for competitive activity. However, if you want to take your keyword research to the next level, by identifying the low-hanging fruits and continuously improving then you should look no further than a third party tool called Cellzone.

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