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The story opens with an elderly grandma reading “The Little Mermaid” to her niece. Despite their young age, the girls do not believe the story until their grandma tells them about a girl who met a real mermaid and met her. Many years ago, a young reporter called Cam Harrison began hunting for a subject for a career shot with his young niece, Elle.
They arrive to a circus and encounter a lovely siren imprisoned in an aquarium. They are captivated when a mermaid with legs and a female body appears in front of their eyes. The two discover a prophecy about a small girl who was born on Earth but has a mermaid heart. With this prophecy fulfilled through Elle, they are caught up in a nefarious conspiracy hatched by a wizard who seeks to keep the siren’s soul and transform it into a powerful force.

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It’s similar to drafting a letter while Elle is out with her pals. The letter is sent to her niece and states that the ailment she is suffering from currently has no solution. This strengthens Elle’s belief that she is a mermaid. Elle suffers a severe coughing fit and is placed in a room with a medication. He is then seen going to work, and his employer assigns him the responsibility of reporting on the water in which Doctor Locke’s siren swims, which is supposed to have the potential to cure any sickness.

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