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Carin Zaha stops Wilfred Zaha from playing for cote’d ivore

Carin Zaha, Wilfried Zaha’s big brother no longer wants to see his little brother with the Elephants:

“Frankly, I say to my little brother: ‘if Drogba is at the head of the Federation and you are called, you have to come.’ But as long as the current president is there (Idriss Diallo), I tell them no. Wilfried will not come. You must not come. It’s a humiliation for me. We need to change president and we need Drogba. It was he originally, with Gervinho, who called Wilfried to choose the Ivory Coast and not England.

He says his brother is not rude:

“Players who want to win seek perfection. If the Federation were professional, there would be no problem. At Crystal Palace, no one ever said he was rude or that he was a disrespectful person. He is a perfectionist who likes to win. In a Federation where we see a lot of things to improve, a player can contribute his two cents. »

. Carin Zaha stops Wilfred Zaha from playing for cote'd ivore

Meet tiktok AI girl Jarvis aka Jadro Lita

Meet Jadro Lita.

Tiktok AI girl Jarvis
Meet tiktok AI girl Jarvis aka Jadro Lita

Amadou Elizabeth Aminata popularly known as Jadro Lita is a fast-rising Nigerian social media influencer and TikTok star who is best known as African AI.

Jadro Lita is a 300 Level student of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State. She is an Igbo lady.

Jadro Lita became a social media sensation because of her ability to imitate AI robots and talk like a carton character. She has melted hearts as she talks and behaves like a robot.

She has collaboration with almost all Nigerian TikTok influencers and skit makers. She has also been offered a deal to be the face of a Chinese robotic company, a contract worth N200m.

Jadro Lita has garnered over 462k followers on her verified Instagram page.

Dear Content Creators,
Keep pushing. You’ll get there.

Congratulations, Jadro Lita.

Jadro Lita is currently single.

Joshua Lekhithah



download the little mermaid full movie 2023

Download full video

The story opens with an elderly grandma reading “The Little Mermaid” to her niece. Despite their young age, the girls do not believe the story until their grandma tells them about a girl who met a real mermaid and met her. Many years ago, a young reporter called Cam Harrison began hunting for a subject for a career shot with his young niece, Elle.
They arrive to a circus and encounter a lovely siren imprisoned in an aquarium. They are captivated when a mermaid with legs and a female body appears in front of their eyes. The two discover a prophecy about a small girl who was born on Earth but has a mermaid heart. With this prophecy fulfilled through Elle, they are caught up in a nefarious conspiracy hatched by a wizard who seeks to keep the siren’s soul and transform it into a powerful force.

Download here

It’s similar to drafting a letter while Elle is out with her pals. The letter is sent to her niece and states that the ailment she is suffering from currently has no solution. This strengthens Elle’s belief that she is a mermaid. Elle suffers a severe coughing fit and is placed in a room with a medication. He is then seen going to work, and his employer assigns him the responsibility of reporting on the water in which Doctor Locke’s siren swims, which is supposed to have the potential to cure any sickness.

weirdest things found in the human body

11 weirdest things found in the human body :Of The Most Disturbing Things Found Inside A Human’s Body

11 Of The Most Disturbing Things Found Inside A Human’s Body


If you have ever followed Grey’s Anatomy, you’d know the kind of crazy things people do with their bodies: one had pins all over his chest and another ate doll-heads in sheer aggression. Even though the basic idea is to keep unwanted things outside one’s body, knowingly or unknowingly, people have managed to screw this up!

Here’s a list of some of the weirdest things found inside a human’s body

1 A Belt Inside The Chest



Anuj Ranjan was involved in a serious car accident and required extensive surgery. While operating on him, the doctors somehow missed the 8-foot long belt in the chest and closed it. Years later, thinking that he has developed tuberculosis, Anuj was admitted to the hospital only to know about what he had been carrying in his chest all along.

2 Fish Inside Lungs



An Indian boy accidentally swallowed a 9-centimetre-long fish while playing in one of the rivers and it ended up staying in his lungs. To everyone’s surprise, the fish remained alive for as long as it was in there. It was later removed through an operation.

3 Worm In Eye



It has become quite common amongst people these days to host a worm in their eye. While some of them catch them while driving a vehicle, others simply develop an infection followed by the worm- booming. John Matthew from Cedar Rapids nearly went blind when the doctors told him that a racoon worm was eating his retina.

4 Maggots In Scalp



You remember that scene from the movie Mummy where they have insects moving inside their body and feasting on the flesh? Well, Aaron Dallas’s case is exactly that. After a trip, he suddenly found certain bumps on his head but ignored them. When he touched those bumps he felt that they were moving but thought it would have been blood pumping. Doctors later found out that he had living maggots in the scalp.

5 Eel In Anus



In what looks like a sheer joke, a guy’s friends inserted an eel in his anus over a prank, but the eel swam its way up the man’s anus. Not only did it escape inside his body, but made it difficult for the friends to pull it out. The eventually took him to the doctor and got it out.

6 Fish In Urethra



Okay, it’s slightly confusing how a fish made its way up to someone’s penis but here’s what happened. A young kid was cleaning up his fish tank and then later relieved himself with the fish in his hand. The fish somehow jumped out and swam up his penis. He was then admitted to the hospital and doctors were able to remove it with tools that are usually used for the removal of bladder stones.

7 Nail In Head



Prax Sanchez complained about a terrible earache, and so his family took him to the hospital. Upon reaching there, the doctors put him through an MRI, but they could not complete the process as it was painful for him. Later than the day he sneezed out a big nail through his nose. The doctors said that it could have been there for years.

8 Tapeworm In Brain



Rosemary Alvarez is one unlucky woman who developed tapeworm in her brain after she ate food that was tainted with human faeces. Thankfully, doctors were able to clean her brain completely and she made a full recovery.

9 Spider Inside Stomach



Well, to be honest, humans have been utterly averse to the existence of spiders, yet, while on a holiday, Dylan Maxwell had a spider travel all the way from his navel to his chest. The doctors eventually removed it but it left a scar on his body.

10 Snail In The Knee



Paul Franklin fell on the beach and hurt his knee, but little did he know that there was more to that injury. Weeks later, when the wound refused to heal up properly and kept on hurting Paul, his mother thought of considering it herself. When she pressed the wound, a rock like snail popped out of the wound.

11 A Pea Plant



You know how as kids we were told that if we swallow seeds a plant would grow in our body? Well, it really happened. A guy named Ron Sveden initially thought that he had developed cancer in his lung until he found that that a pea-plant was flourishing inside his chest. The pea somehow went down the wrong pipe and his body became a host to the plant. 

7 Ways how to make a Nigerian girl fall inlove with you


7 Ways how to make a Nigerian girl fall inlove with you

Lot of guys want to know the secret of how to make a girl fall in love with them. It is not difficult, you can make it happen and it’s a lot easier than you might think. Whether you’ve got a woman in mind or are trying to find one out in the social wild, you’re going to start making it happen, starting right now.

What you can do is increase the odds, you will get the girl you want by following these practically proven tips.


Nigerian girls loves men who listen. Anytime they come are fortunate to come across one who gives them this attention [listening] they are willing to share such world.

To acquire and display this skill, all you need do is open your ears and let them do the talking; once you can do this, you are one step up closer to her heart than any other guy contesting her love with you. Make sure you don’t push her to make a decision. She just wants you to listen so she can work it out.

Of course if she asks for your advice, you should give it. Just make sure you aren’t pushing too hard with it or she’ll close the door fast.


Who doesn’t like a nice compliment now and then? Make sure the compliment is genuine and sincere and not too deep.

If you overdo it, I can guarantee this pointer will backfire big time.

Flatter her a little and she will reward you handsomely.


One of the big areas you might fail when it comes to making a Nigerian girl love you is to assume LOVE can be completed without you spending money.

Nigerian girls have special preference for men who are responsible and one of the way they measure ‘responsibility’ is see how much you willing to let go financially just to have them. Here in Nigeria,you are not man enough if you can’t buy gifts take your girl out and surprise her with a splendid spending culture.


This is a tough one for many guys because it makes you vulnerable and opens the door to possible rejection.

Usually, it’s the girl that says the L word first but not always.

Put it all out there and tell her you love her and she’s going to fall head over heels in love with you.


To be genuinely lovable, you have to believe that you are worth being around. Most girls aren’t attracted to people who are constantly putting themselves down.

Know what you are good at. Don’t brag about it or show off, but put these things into your routine and don’t be afraid to let them shine every once in a while.


Getting to know her is about more than just memorizing her birthday and where she was born. Spend time with her, build trust, and come to appreciate the things about her that she doesn’t often show.

Understand how she thinks and what she believes. This will help you love her as a complete person, and she will appreciate that more than you can understand.


You are certified crazy if you don’t think this girls friends and family aren’t going to influence her decision to open up to you or not.

If you can get in the good books with her loved ones, she will get the encouragement she needs to fall in love with you.

Let her family and friends work for you in your quest. Having an outside source tell you that you should be with a guy really is magical.7 Ways to make a Nigerian girl love you

Best sex position to get pregnant

How to Get Pregnant Faster: Best sex positions to get pregnant

How to Get Pregnant Faster: Best sex positions to get pregnant

Now that you’ve planned and made up your mind to get pregnant, you wish it happens as soon as possible! However, don’t get impatient if it takes time. There are a couple of things you should do and some things that you should avoid to increase your chances.

In some cases, as when nature needs a boost, a little push from you and your partner can go a long way in getting pregnant. When it comes to the best position to get pregnant, the general rule is that the male sperm must be deposited as near to the female cervix as possible.

This has something to do with the life spans of the female egg and the male sperm. Once an egg is released from the ovary – a stage also known as ovulation – it begins its path down the fallopian tube to the uterus. A released egg typically survives for only 24 hours, while a sperm can last anywhere from three to five days in the female body. As such, the egg has to be as close to the egg as possible so they can meet and join before the egg dies.

While not a lot of people will agree that the sexual positions have anything to do with getting pregnant, the logical inference is that it makes sense to assume the position that can help the sperm meet the egg in the shortest possible time.

This is especially true when for couples who have problems or difficulty conceiving. Having said this, the first “best position to get pregnant” tip is to avoid positions that least expose the cervix to the male sperm, and that generally defy gravity such as sex while standing up, sitting down, or with the woman on top. When trying to conceive, it is best to limit the amount of sperm that flows back out of the vagina.

The woman’s hips should also be positioned in such a way that the sperm released is kept inside, giving it enough time to swim up to the female cervix.

Consider the following positions instead:

1. The missionary position: Or man-on-top is said to be the position that’s best for getting pregnant. This is because this particular position allows for the deepest possible penetration, making it possible for the sperm to get deposited closest to the cervix.

Best sex positions to get pregnant – How to Get Pregnant

Best sex positions to get pregnant

2. Raise the hips: Elevating the hips, which can be done by placing a pillow behind her, can also be helpful because this exposes the female cervix to as much semen as the male can release.

Best sex positions to get pregnant

3. Doggy-style: The rear-entry position where the man enters the woman from behind is also a recommended position. In this position, sperm is also deposited closest to the cervix, thereby helping increase the chances of conception.

Best sex positions to get pregnant

4. Side-by-side: You can also try having intercourse while lying side by side. This position likewise causes the most exposure of the cervix to the male sperm.

5. Orgasms: Finally, while this has nothing to do with sexual positions, there are also researches that suggest the importance of the female orgasm in conceiving. According to studies, female orgasm leads to contractions that could push sperm up into the cervix. The lesson: have fun while trying to conceive.

Best sex positions to get pregnant

6. Spooning: Men have forgotten the art of foreplay and guess that’s the reason why women don’t enjoy sex as much as they used to. But, spooning before sex can solve the problem by increasing your chances of getting pregnant faster because spooning encourages better arousal in men and their chances of producing quality sperm increase. A cuddling position of sorts, spooning comprises one partner lying on one side with knees bent while the other partner lies with his or her front pressed against their back.

Best sex positions to get pregnant

7. Woman on top: At times defying gravity can work wonders, and when it comes to making a baby, the woman on top position is the best as it guarantees maximum penetration. Woman on top, also called the cowgirl or riding position, is a sex position in which the man lies on his back or sits back and the woman straddles him facing either forward or back, and the man inserts his erect penis into the woman’s vagina.

8. Lying on the back: Though it’s not a sex position, it’s best to lie down on your back after a rocking sex session to maximise your chances of conceiving as lying down helps in pushing the sperm to the cervix.

Best sex positions to get pregnant

9. Peg style: Peg style is another sure shot position to make you pregnant. All you need to do is make your man lie flat on the bed and lie flat on him. What will follow is not something we need to tell you, right ladies?

Best sex positions to get pregnant

10. Go stress free: No matter what sex position you opt for, trying to conceive won’t fetch you any results if you are stressed out. Try deep breathing exercises, yoga and meditation to go stress free and have a happy and quick conception!

Best sex positions to get pregnant

How to become more fertile

Living in a chaotic situation is one of the biggest reasons of infertility. It leads to stress, which in turn, causes many diseases, even inability to conceive.

Intercourse close to ovulation increases the chances to conceive. But if experts are to be believed, making a few lifestyle changes can help you in boosting your fertility. These ways include:

Managing the right weight

Whether it is about being underweight or overweight, both the situations delay a woman’s fertility process. Hence, it is important to maintain an ideal body weight that can further boost your fertility process. Eating healthy and at the right time can greatly contribute to your body weight.

Tips for healthy sperms

According to the experts, men should protect their genitals from sources of heat. This may include frequent hot shower baths, keeping laptops on thighs and any direct exposure to heat. It is also recommended that instead of wearing briefs, men should wear boxers as it provides breathing space to their private area.

The beverages

Consuming excess alcohol or even coffee can damage a woman’s fertility. Health experts opine that drinking more than 5 cups of coffee a day can lower your chances of fertility. Also, intake of excess alcohol can compromise your fertility. Moderation is the right key to stay fit and healthy.

Smoking is injurious to your sperm health

Cigarette smoking whether done by women or men, can lower your chances of fertility. In women, smoking can affect the production of eggs and in men, it can reduce the production of sperms. And what worse is that smoking during pregnancy can increase the chances of miscarriage.


Commonly referred to as ‘fertile window’, is the time when you should have sex. This is the best time to conceive as it increases the chances of fertility. You should keep a track of your ovulation cycle as intercourse during this period have fairly high chances of getting pregnant. Ideally, ovulation is the period 14 days before the due date of your menstrual cycle. If you have sex two days before or on the day you ovulate, the chances of getting pregnant increase.

What is Ovulation?

When egg is released from the ovaries, it is fertilised by a sperm and gets implanted in the uterus. This is the process that makes a woman pregnant.

How can I know that I am ovulating?

As mentioned, your ovulation period is 14 days before your menstrual cycle. You can also use the Ovulation calculator to knowthe right time of your ovulation. Ovulation calculator is helpful when your menstrual cycle has the same number of days every month. Tracking the ovulation symptoms that include cervical mucus, basal body temperature (BBT) is also helpful to know your ovulation period.

Cervical mucus is the vaginal discharge. You may experience increase in vaginal discharge three to four days before the ovulation period. It can remain during and immediately after ovulation and the texture is clear and stretchy.

BBT is your lowest body temperature in a 24-hour cycle. To know the ovulation period, you have to record your body’s temperature every morning. The day after you ovulate, there will be a slight increase in your body’s temperature which will be somewhere around 0.5 to 1.0 degree Fahrenheit. This increase in your body’s temperature will last until your next menstrual cycle.

Studies also say that around the ovulation period, many women experience mild cramps around their abdominal area and sometimes even backache.

What happens when you have sex right after your period?

There prevails a misconception that there are lower chances of getting pregnant when you have sex right after your period. Indeed, the chances are low but sperms can live in the body for at least seven days. This means that if naturally your menstrual cycle is short, you may get pregnant soon after your periods end.

What happens when you have sex during periods?

This messy business is pleasurable for some and a few avoid having sex during periods. The natural lubrication makes intercourse more exciting. It should be noted that even during periods, there are chances of getting certain infection such as HIV and STDs. Thus, it is important to have a safe sex even during the menstruation cycle.

When it comes to conceiving, the chances are fairly low. But again, if you have intercourse towards the end of your period cycle, you may ovulate.

Foods that help in increasing your fertility

There are certain foods that increase the chances of your fertility. There fertility foods include:

Almonds: Almonds contain vitamin E and this antioxidant protect DNA in eggs as well as in sperms. Almonds also help in producing more sperms.

Bananas: Loaded with vitamin B6, eating banana as a mid-morning snack helps in regulating hormones and in the developments of eggs and sperms.

Tomatoes: Packed with lycopene, tomatoes boost the sperm health.

Garlic: You may not like it eating raw, adding it in your vegetables is a great way to consume garlic. As it contains allicin, it boosts the blood circulation in sexual organs and protects the sperm health.

Citrus fruits: Adding citrus foods in your diet is another way to increase your fertility rate. These vitamin C enriched fruits improves the sperm and egg quality.

Eggs: Eggs are rich in vitamin D, which in turn, enhances conception ability in women.

Sunflower seeds: These ‘super-seeds’ are packed with zinc and this is the most important nutrient that enhances fertility in men and women.

Carrots: Carrots are the ideal vegetable that enhances the chances of your conception. Adding carrots in your diet help in improves the performance of your sperms.

Dark chocolate: Another reason to eat a square of your favourite dark chocolate. As it contains amino acid, it doubles your sperm count. The antioxidant content in dark chocolate fight against free radicals which help in protecting against free radicals and improves male fertility.

Avoid these foods if you want to increase the chances of conception

So, if you are trying to conceive, steer clear of excess alcohol, foods that contain high glycemic-index such as sugar and rice, low fat dairy products as they may produce androgens which can interrupt your menstrual cycle and may affect your fertility. You should also avoid intake of trans. Here we have mentioned a list of foods that you should avoid in order to increase the chances of your contraception:

Fish (with high mercury content): Consuming high-mercury fish can damage the fetus. You should avoid having bigeye tuna, swordfish etc. And before consuming any seafood, do not forget to check the mercury content.

Trans fat: Foods such as chips, microwaved popcorns, fried foods should be avoided. They cause inflammation and insulin resistance, which in turn, impact the fertility.

Foods with high-glycemic index: Another set of foods that should be avoided to increase contraception chances are high-glycemic foods. These foods increase your blood-sugar level, which can cause inflammation and may hinder the ovulation process.

Soda: A few studies claim that even diet and regular soda beverages hamper fertility. As this increases blood-sugar level, again they can cause inflammation and may change metabolism.

Alcohol: Consuming alcohol in excess should definitely be avoided. It not only impedes your fertility but also has hazardous effects on your health.

Raw animal products: If you are trying to conceive, you must say no to raw animal products. Raw meat, eggs and seafood have salmonella and coliform bacteria that may impact the fetus. Have cooked animal meat and that too after consulting your gynaecologist.

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