I can most definitely confirm that there are some very special algorithms operating inside the Amazon engine, especially when it comes to Kindle books. I like to refer to them as Kindle publishing secrets because they are not readily available. This is after finishing a three-month course on how to write a book and make it an Amazon bestseller.

The majority of would-be self-published authors, including myself, I believe, mistakenly believe that Amazon is just another form of Google, which is not the case.

People visit Amazon with the intent to BUY! That is the key: if you are on Amazon, you are trying to buy something, not conduct research. Although you may be searching for the best offer, you undoubtedly intend to purchase.

The same cannot be stated for every Google search, tweets the user.

Why then do we regard Amazon similarly? a straightforward lack of understanding and education. You are ignorant of what you do not know.

Because I’m a nice guy and I enjoy talking about this subject, I wanted to share some of the most unusual Amazon facts with you that will benefit your self-publishing endeavors. I like to refer to these facts as “Kindle publishing secrets”!

Summary of Contents
Five Kindle Publishing Tricks You Must Know!
First, produce more books!
Build an author platform as the next step.
Number 3: Obtain reviews PRIOR TO LAUNCHING
Fourth – No List? Start Free Number 5: Select Buying Keywords
Five Kindle Publishing Tricks You Must Know!
Kindle Publishing Insider Tips You Should Know Now.

First, produce more books!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard this one before, but publishing more books is one of the key strategies for success with Kindle. You should absolutely look into Steve Scott’s work if you haven’t already.

He has published over 40 books on Amazon, and the sales of those publications bring in roughly $60,000 a month. His words of wisdom for those new to Kindle? Create more books!

It’s really straightforward, but I think this is where a lot of people get distracted. If you want to continue sales, you need to show Amazon that you’re not simply a one-hit wonder, and the only way to achieve this is to publish additional books.

I have now released over 20 books, and I have seen that sales of the first few volumes have increased as the remainder have been available.

Additionally, I’ve noticed a sharp rise in borrows and Kindle unlimited access. As I publish three more books for the rest of the year, I’ll keep an eye on everything.

Build an author platform as the next step.

Create a platform for your writing
I cannot emphasize this enough: how can you notify readers when you launch new books if you are not collecting their emails when they purchase or download your book? You must take matters into your own hands and handle this process on your own since Amazon won’t divulge this information to you.

There are several methods to achieve this, but the simplest and most straightforward one is to provide an extra gift to everybody who purchases your book.

In order for them to obtain your gift, you would link to a landing page on your website (from within your ebook). If you’re clever, you’ll integrate them into your autoresponder series at that point and set them on the way to becoming your author awesomeness.

Just be careful how much you advertise it; focus on the 80/20 rule, which states that 80% of your promotion should be free content or pertinent information, and 20% should be your books.

Number 3: Obtain reviews PRIOR TO LAUNCHING

On Amazon, reviews are equivalent to money. It is a component of the algorithm that guides the placement of a book at the top of a best-seller or hot new release list.

To remain in the top 100 in your category and to continue making sales, you must maintain a consistent strategy for obtaining reviews.

One of the things that many authors neglect to do is to get reviews of their book PRIOR to its release. As a result, you will already have a number of reviews of your book when you publish it, giving your author position greater credibility.

Prior to publishing your Kindle book, get reviews.

Shoulder tapping your loved ones is the simplest way to accomplish this. Give them a complimentary copy of the book and want reviews by a certain date (ie, your launch date).

This implies that for them to accomplish this, your books must already be available on the Kindle shop. In order to get reviews, you need upload your book and press publish no later than three days before your scheduled debut.

Get your review requests in as soon as the book is finished, you can tweet.

One of the most difficult things to obtain is reviews; it’s literally like pulling teeth. Tim Grahl offers some excellent suggestions on how to make sure you can acquire 25 reviews by the time of your launch, but based on my personal experience, I’d advise having those reviews go live a few days PRIOR to your scheduled launch date.

The main reason for this is that many of the sites you would use to perform any kind of promotion (free or paid) demand at least five or more reviews on the book. This is also my choice because it gives your newly formed author profile more street cred.

Fourth – No List? Release Free

Launch your book for free if you don’t have an email list to promote it to or if it has less than 500 subscribers.

Your audience will grow more quickly, and more people will see your book if it ranks in the top 100 of the Free Kindle Store.

If you were wise and incorporated a giveaway within your book, you’ll be able to collect a sizable number of email addresses from folks who download it.

Over 7,000 people downloaded my first book, No Gym Needed – Quick & Simple Workouts for Gals on the Go, and over 300 people signed up as a result of the promotion. For a cold list signup, when no one knows you from a bar of soap, that 4.3% conversion rate is quite good.

5. Choose buying keywords (number 5)

You can list up to 7 keywords when you upload your book to KDP. These can also be phrases rather than just single words.

By selecting the appropriate keywords, you can make sure that your products appear highly in Amazon search results for the keywords you’ve chosen as well as the categories you’ve selected.

Make sure to include some buying keywords if you want this to work for you.

Where did you learn what those are? To assist, use a tool like You can use this tool for free, but until you pay for the complete version, your options are limited.

Using the keywords you provide, Merchant Words gives you results that are based on what is actually being searched on Amazon. It’s a very effective tool that I frequently employ. If you act quickly, you can get the subscription for $9 per month forever instead of the normal $30 per month by clicking this link.

With these Kindle publishing tips at your disposal, you can get started right now. Just keep in mind that publishing more books is the only surefire strategy to succeed on Kindle.

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