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Special needs workbook for teens

Workbook for teens with autism and special needs

specially written for people with special needs, parents, caregivers and teachers. it is a book that gives direction to all aspect of raising our special ones into young adults while they get all the attention and love they deserve

Adulting guide for beginners

now your an adult, what is next ? a lot of persons grew into adulthood with no idea of being one, they are unable to handle the responsibilities that comes with this book you will find exactly the steps to handle responsibilities as they come. also this is a perfect gift for teens and young people as it teaches them all they need to be independent

Our knowledge base on amazon services

with years of knowledge on the amazon platform, researches on amazon kdp and the right ways to publishing books that does not get your account in trouble while you in turn keep getting the royalties you deserve for your hardwork, i believe you can find a lot of resources to kick start your amazon kdp journey on our blogs

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